Europe can be one market that does not mean that you can do business in the same way everywhere. What you help in one country can be a deal-breaker elsewhere.Business Insider has regularly spoken with entrepreneurs active abroad in recent years. And almost always such a conversation was partly about strange habits. When it comes to the history of business organizations then you will be able to have the best options for the same.

Strange perhaps it is in our eyes, but important. Who knows the right manners in a country is much less likely to get a blue.

1) Germany: Wapper with your diplomas

Our language and culture are closely related, yet the differences in manners are great. For example, we do not like titles, but in Germany they are very important again. So you are drs, ir or Msc, put that on your card.

2) Belgium: Without good contact, you have a worthless contract

Germans often find Dutch directness refreshing, but our southern neighbors call it arrogant. In Belgium it is all about first building a good relationship, and that takes time. Do not throw a contract on the table at the first meeting.

3) Great Britain: Do not overestimate your knowledge of English

Dutch people have a much less good command of the English language than they themselves think. Britons are sometimes viewed ambiguously from us. When your English partner calls ‘ Very interesting ‘, he probably does not find your proposal. On the other hand, in our ears very cautious ‘ Not bad ‘ is a sign of great enthusiasm.

4) France: Physical contact is important

If a head of state visits French President Emmanuel Macron, pay attention to his body language. He shakes hands extensively, puts an arm over a shoulder and a woman or a good male knowledge is extensively kissed.

Another thing to keep in mind is that French people are far from punctual, but that they expect you to be on time as a Dutchman.

5) Italy: Do not talk about the Mafia or Berlusconi

Italians can grumble about their own country, but on the other they are often nationalistic too. You as a foreigner should better not start about politics and certainly not about the influence of the Mafia.

6) Ireland: An Irishman is not a Briton

In fact, Irish are easier for Dutch people to do business with than their British neighbors. Irish people are modest and averse to frills and ceremonial. The business culture is quite informal, that brand in you.

For your electrical work, you are looking for a competent and cheap electrician. You do not know any? Do not panic! In 4 points, you will come to know explain how to select the reliable electrician in Singapore at the right price.

  1. Before finding the electrician of your dreams, define the work to be done

Be specific in the description of your work. Specify for example the number of parts involved, their surfaces, etc. The electrical craftsman will need details to calculate his price. Without these details, he risks producing a low estimate. Do not forget! When it’s blurry, there’s a wolf.

  1. Select electricity companies

Every year, 1/4 of residential fires are of electrical origin 1. It is therefore necessary to choose real professionals to carry out your work. What are the pitfalls to avoid?

  • Flyers distributed in your mailbox.
  • Promises of immediate quotes.
  • The first results on the search engines.

To find a famous electrician in Singapore, list the professionals located near your home (less travel costs). Meet them if possible in their premises; it is a way to get an idea of ​​their seriousness. Privilege companies with qualified type labels (this label guarantees the skills of the electricity companies).

Do not neglect word of mouth:

  • Ask your neighbors, they may know a good electrician.
  • During your search, consult the reviews on the internet.

In any case, avoid black work for your electrical work. It is illegal and it engages your responsibility. What will you do in case of damage caused to you by a Sunday electrician? Worse if it hurts? You will not be covered by any insurance, so do not try the devil!

  1. Ask a quote from several professionals

Getting a quote from two companies is a minimum to find a good electrician craftsman. This must specify:

  • The identification number of the company.
  • The start date and the estimated duration of the work.
  • The detailed breakdown of each service
  • The total sum to pay HT and TTC.

Also be aware of too low a price, it may reveal sloppy or undeclared work.

  1. Before signing, check the insurance

A final check is required before you commit. Ask your electrician for an up-to-date statement of his professional liability insurance. This compulsory insurance covers the risks in the event of damage caused to you during the work, up to ten years after their completion.