In the country, for a long time, there has been treatment of ailments and diseases by folk remedies. The use of prayers, herbs and various folk methods is still widely popular among the descendants of our mother the country. Almost every The nation as a child has tried folk remedies for the treatment of colds, chickenpox, high fever, poisoning, liquid stools, etc., especially those who have relatives come from the districts of the city and from the villages, as in these methods they are pretty a common thing. In principle, if you look carefully, you can always find some folk remedy for your problem, which will cost cheap and help, and if it does not cure, at least it will make it easier. Some of the ailments are faster and completely painless. For the addiction treatment the following information are important.

But what about addiction?

Are there any folk remedies for drug addiction or alcoholism?

How well do they work and what is the percentage of successfully getting rid of addiction for a long time (and at best for life)?

Very often relatives of a drug addict, having tried all the courses of treatment offered by the official medicine , completely drop their hands, realizing that nothing can be done and their loved one is doomed. And at such times, many people remember about such a miracle cure as traditional medicine. Therefore it is quite understandable that many people are interested in the treatment of drug addiction by people’s means. It’s very sad to disappoint these people. But they need to know – no widely-used folk remedies for the treatment of drug addiction do not exist!


It looks wildly, and someone can be offended, but the truth is the following.Traditional medicine appeared not after the dashing nineties, as many people may think. It was created for many thousands of years. The herbalists have always been famous for their knowledge of what plants and how to use them to cure various diseases, for which they have great respect. Such knowledge was passed from generation to generation, as in many countries of Europe. But during the revelry of the Holy Inquisition, many healers in Europe were burned as dangerous sorcerers. In The country, it has been possible to preserve many of the secrets of herbal medicine that are passed on from generation to generation, and is also widely used in villages and villages. But sad as it may seem, today truly valuable experts can be found only in remote villages and very few have survived.

Well, drug addiction has appeared in our country not so long ago, but the dawn was received quite recently (from the collapse of the US to the present day, the number of drug addicts in the country has increased approximately fourfold). Therefore it is quite understandable that folk medicine cannot give advice on how to treat addiction.