If you already have a split system, you probably were wondering: “Is it really necessary to service it, or is it a waste of money?” The unequivocal answer: “Yes, regular service is necessary,” and that’s why.

Regular maintenance of the split system allows you to save from 30-50% on the cost of operation and repair of equipment.

Many owners turn to the service department, when there was a breakdown and the split-system ceased to cool the air. In the vast majority of cases, verification shows that breakdowns could be avoided if the good at aircon repair technicians were courted in a timely manner. In such cases, service specialists have to work hard to get the equipment in order.

On time maintenance of Aircon

Order the maintenance of the air conditioner on time. The bill for work of increased complexity is 30-80% higher than for timely service.The cost of eliminating only one problem that arose due to untimely servicing of the split system is at least 10-15% of the amount you spent on its purchase and installation.

In 3 out of 10 cases, the failure of the device is caused by a breakdown, repair of which leads to unforeseen costs. Repair of the split system costs 2-3 times more than regular maintenance. In particularly difficult cases, repairs can be economically meaningless, and then it’s cheaper to replace the split system and the tubes with new ones.

Process of Maintenance

The equipment can stop giving cold on the hottest days during the big loading of service centres. When the device is set up, the heat will pass. Is not it easier to do maintenance of the air conditioner on time and avoid disappointment?

Do not forget that the manufacturer indicates the life of the equipment based on normal operating conditions. Thus, contaminated heat exchangers, work with a lack of freon and poor electrical contact lead to increased wear.

On average, when untimely maintenance, the life of the split system is reduced by 20-40%.

Delay with the maintenance of the air conditioner can become a source of health problems. The inner block drives through itself the air that you and your family breathe. In case of accumulation of contaminants inside the unit, spores of mold fungi and pathogenic microorganisms can enter the air. Cleaning and disinfection of equipment is the main part of regular maintenance by a good at aircon chemical wash company. It also helps in completely eliminating air pollution.

Regularity in Servicing

How often it is necessary to conduct regular maintenance of the air conditioner depends on many factors. The most important:

  • Proximity to the location of major highways and dusty air from the outside;
  • Year of construction of the house, finishing of walls and ceilings and dusty air inside;
  • Total time of use for the year;
  • Special requirements for trouble-free operation or clean air in the room.

So, if you live outside the city, modern materials are used in finishing the room and the split-system is used only in the summer 2-4 hours a day – it is enough to maintain the air conditioner every two years. If the split-system is installed in the office near the loaded highway and works until the last employee leaves, it is used in winter for heating.

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